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Betanysports sportsbook has new users signing up to its platform, you can expect them to be at the very top soon. From the reviews, it is apparent how impressive the Betanysports sportsbook platform is. By choosing Betanysports, you can be sure the service team will have your best interests at heart as you enjoy your wagering expeditions. We hope to see them grow as the months go by and would like to see some unique promotions or bonuses moving forward.

Bet Any Sports Sportsbook Review 2022

Betanysports sportsbook has managed to thrust itself in the limelight with other prominent online sportsbooks. That is after years of operating under 5Dimes, which was an umbrella for many sportsbooks.

As you read through this review, you’ll see how exquisite their offers are, as wells as their reliability. If you’re an avid fan of gambling and looking for a reliable sportsbook platform, you’ll consider Betanysports the best option.

Betanysports Promocode

Being one of the major gambling platforms, Betanysports offers promotional codes at a competitive level with its rival companies. However, it rarely does this, making it the most highly sought-after brand by thousands for its monthly promotional codes.

The best discount stands at 50% off with an average shopping saving of 10.0%. There can be four coupons available on average, with the biggest discount being 20% off for a single purchase.

Betanysports Bonus Offer

As you already know, sportsbook platforms use bonuses to attract players. Betanysports has amazing bonus offers that will keep you motivated and enjoy playing their games as well as wagering. The bonus offers are;

  • free-play bonus: you can earn up to and 50% as a new player. That can translate to a $520 free play bonus. However, deposits between $100 – $400 will receive a free-play reward of 50%, and if the deposit exceeds $400, you’ll be eligible for an additional 20% free-play reward.
  • Reload Rewards: When you replenish your account, you get rewards of up to $500 depending on the deposit amount and method. Also, as a lotto fan, you’ll receive a bonus depending on the same factors. Additionally, you can earn up to 33% MatchPlay which you can use in the 5Dimes casino MatchPlay.
  • Reduced Juice Rewards: Bear in mind that this reward is mainly for recreational players and can have its restrictions reduced based on the management’s decision. Typically, you can get a $500 reduced limit per bet.

First Deposit Bonus

Registering an account with Betanysports is one step of begging bonus hunting. When you register, the sportsbook platform welcomes you with a 55% bonus of up to $1000. Remember, the minimum deposit amount is $25 in bitcoin and $50 for debit or credit card deposits.

Bonus Validity

Betanysports is generous in terms of its bonuses and rewards. These promotions and bonuses are legitimate and available for everyone who wishes to join Betanysports. Since they have a wide range of these offers, you’re free to choose options that best suit your preference.

USA Partner

Betanysports is licensed under the jurisdiction of Costa Rica. Note, Betanysports has no regulatory or operational license in the US even though they can render their gambling services to US residents. It’s worth mentioning that Betanysports started offering its offline services back in 2001.

Three federal laws in the US govern sports betting activities, the major one being UIGEA (unlawful internet gambling enforcement act ), which has been in effect since 2006. The Act’s role is to disrupt illegal online gaming operations which target their financial sector.

That is why Betanysports proffer certain method payments to others. The good thing, though, is the presence of over a hundred sports, descent promotions, and bonuses alongside fairly good odds.

Period Betanysports Has Been Online

Being one of the most renowned sportsbook platforms, Betanysports proves to be a comprehensive betting shop with multiple options to pick from. Betanysports brand has been operational since 2010 but was officially launched for online access in 2012.

Betanysports was originally conceived from the 5Dimes organization -one of the biggest in the sportsbook industry- where it has its roots but is now independent. There’s no denying the fact that over the years, Betanysports has managed to make a name for itself in North America based on its astounding bonuses and rewards.

How Betanysports Works

Betanysports is like a bookmaker or bookie but an advanced one regarding payment, withdrawal, and wagering options. You can place your wager the way you want, depending on available betting options. Betanysports makes its money from the bettors’ losses which are known as vigorish or ‘vig.’

For example, a point spread is typically listed with -110 odds. For a team with -6.5 points favorites, the odds would be at -100. Without the vig, the odds can be even or +110. With the vigorish, a 10-dollar bet can give a payout of $19 compared to a $20 payout without the vig.

What We Like About Betanysport

  • The software is easy to use both on your phone and PC. i.e., it has an amazing interface that makes it intuitive to use. All you have to do is install it, signup, log in, and you’re all set.
  • Bonuses are one of the most outstanding features it has. Though rare get, the bonus codes are valuable since you can get up to 50% off and a discount of 20% on your purchase.
  • The in-play feature allows you to place a wager on a live-action. In addition, you also get to choose the live-action betting that suits your preference.
  • In the points betting option, your win frequency equals the number of points depending on your bet win points. E.g., if you bet wins 3 points, you win 3times. The good thing is it’s a smart way to increase your profits.
  • As a player, many rewards are dependent on several factors. For example, in the house money package, you get an in-house deposit after six consecutive deposits.

What We Don’t Like About Betanysports

  • Betanysports Software: The software is functions optimally. Even though the user interface is intuitive, it is not very appealing. Also, the software lacks proper regular maintenance, such as updates.
  • Betanysports Mobile App: Currently, there isn’t a mobile app for Betanysports. That means you can only access it via a web browser.

Betanysports Depositing and Withdrawal Options

  • ACH/Echeck: E-checks facilitate the transfer of funds from one bank account to another. In this case, you can facilitate transfers from your bank account to your Betanysports account. The maximum amount you can deposit is $499, with the minimum standing at $200.
  • Online Banking: Keep in mind that all transfers are charged at a fee of $80. The minimum withdrawal amount is $1000 and $3000 for maximum. However, you can deposit through this option an amount between $100-$690. Note, free fee transfer is or amounts between $300 and $690.
  • Credit/Debit Card: This option allows you a deposit amount between $50 and $350. The deposit via your credit card is always free of charge and takes anywhere between 24 hours for payment confirmation.
  • Pointbet Card: This card can be funded by your credit or debit card, bank account, or ACH transfers. It’s among the most popular way of depositing money in Betanysports.
  • PayNearMe: With this mode of payment option, you can make your deposit conveniently from anywhere in the world. You can make any deposit amount not exceeding $1000.
  • PayPal: If you have funds in your PayPal account and want to replenish your Betanysports account, transfer the funds to the credit card linked with your PayPal account and then to your Betanysports account. Cash At The Meadowland Cage: It is a payment option common with many sportsbook betting platforms. You can deposit as much money as you want in the cage, but there can only be a minimum of $10.

Game Selection at Betanysports

  • Totals: Here, you bet on the progress of a game independent of the winner. Additionally, you’ll be betting on many something such as number runs, points, or goals scored.
  • Moneyline: This selection is mostly common with sports betting. It involves betting on the team you expect to win. That said, it doesn’t have to involve anything else to do with the victory margin.

Props: with proposition wagering, there is specificity, unlike Moneyline wagering. Here, you can aim at a team’s milestone, i.e., total goals scored by a hockey team or game progress, e.g., rebound grabbed by a center in Basketball.

  • Parlays: Also known as accumulators, combine multiple roll-over-winning wagers into one. Note, each parlay leg must win to be graded as a winner.
  • Futures: A wager like this has a long life as it involves predicting future outcomes on sporting events. For example, the outcome at the end of a football season.
  • Derivatives consist of additional bets that the total derives, full game money line, and point spreader wagers.
  • Multi-stat Props: It is similar to prop betting only difference is you can stack multiple outcomes. For example, the number of goals scored along with other expected outcomes.

In-Play or Live-Betting – Cash Out

As you already know, you have a vast array of options when it comes to betting. The same applies to in-game betting. Note, live-action betting is a personal experience which is why it’s better to explore multiple options before settling on your preferred choice. The live-action events include

  • Super lines: with this, you can bet on your favorite sporting event in various ways. Also, it offers a larger amount of live-action wagers on unconventional sports and some major ones.
  • Premier lines: Here, there’s also a multi-choice offer but on major sports. The leagues include; Dota major championship, Overwatch league, Go pro league, and others.
  • House live Wagering: This offers in-game betting on live games such as Basketball, tennis, football, and baseball. It also offers televised commercial break games.

Betting Lines at Betanysports – Key Markets

Notably, Betanysports has a huge market in the US. That’s why it provides customers with opportunities for betting on all USA horse racing action. Some of the sports available for wagering on the Betanysports platform include MMA, American football, tennis, golf. Spelling bee volleyball and others.

Betanysports also recognizes games from other 25 countries including, Israel, Bulgaria, Egypt, Turkey, Portugal, Italy. The platform also compiles a 104.5% margin on odds for matches in the popular English leagues, such as the premier league, which is a considerable value in the betting industry.

Betanysports Promotions

Betanysports does its best to ensure its customers are satisfied with its promotion by providing the best available packages. You can be sure that there is always something for everyone, no matter how different a player you are.

The good thing is that you can switch one package for another if your initial choice doesn’t suit your needs. Note that the only way to access these promotion packages is by agreeing to their rules and restrictions. These packages include;

  • 55% Free-Play Bonus: here, the bonus amount is dependent on your deposit amount. You’ll get up to $700 to use in the sportsbook in free-play. Note, your deposit must be between $100 and $2000. So, the free play bonus will represent 35% of your deposit.
  • Less Juice Package: By choosing fewer juice options on NBA, NFL, NCAA Football, NCAA basketball, Canadian football, WNBA, NHL, American football, grand slams tennis, golf, and other special events, you’ll pay half the price for your preferred choice.
  • Casino Rebate Program: on this program, you can earn a 20% rebate on all your losses in all the platform’s casinos. How it works is, there’s a calculation on cashback on all your losses, which includes casino games, mini-games, and live dealers.
  • The Kickback Package: here, you can earn a cash rebate of 15% on all your losses in the platform’s Racebooks, Sportsbook, casinos, and lotto9000 or lotto900. Transfers from third-party vendors are considered deposits, while those out to third-party ones are considered payouts.
  • House Money Package: To convert your account to a “House Money” account, you must contact the sportsbook’s customer service. Typically, after the 6th deposit, the 7th is usually on the house. Also, ensure the first six deposits are in consecutive order to be eligible for the bonus.

Loyalty Programs

If you’re a Betanysports regular user, then prepare for some loyalty rewards. The rewards are tailor-made according to your wagering habits and frequency. One of the rewards Betanysports can give you is 20-33 % cashback and more.

Customer Service

The customer service is good since they have three main modes to reach their customer care team, i.e., via their phone number, websites, and live chat. Notably, for live chat, if you haven’t registered yet, a form pops up in which you have to fill in your name and preferred language. That is English, Vietnamese or Chinese.

More About Betanysports

Additionally, the deposit and withdrawal option is the bitcoin. Since bitcoin is an emerging trend in cryptocurrency, Betanysports allows you to withdraw $25 to $10,000 BTC for free. As for depositing, there’s no fee charged, but the minimum deposit amount must be $25 BTC.

Betanysports has wagering limits. That depends on your choice of betting option and varies on leagues and sports. The minimum amount you can wager is $0.50, with the maximum at $5,000. However, if you want to stake higher, you must contact their service team.

Betanysports Final Summary

Betanysports sportsbook has new users signing up to its platform, you can expect them to be at the very top soon. From the reviews, it is apparent how impressive the Betanysports sportsbook platform is. By choosing Betanysports, you can be sure the service team will have your best interests at heart as you enjoy your wagering expeditions.

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