150% deposit bonus.

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Overall,  I are really pleased with the product and services that betway Sports offers. The big standouts for us are the game options available (500+), a multitude of deposit and withdrawal options, and clear licensing and regulatory oversight that ensure the safety and security of the operation and your money. What good is a site if you can’t trust that it is fair and that your money is safe? The bonus structures are also nice, and it’s a fresh sight to see that they have bonuses that are specific to the different segments of the site.

Poker is on the Micro gaming network which gets plenty of traffic to keep you busy but isn’t as huge as the mega sites. Yes, this means some smaller prize pools in the tournaments and not as much action at the very high stakes, but it also means that there are less good players attracted and you can win the tournaments more frequently without having to wade through so many players.

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Lucky99.Eu Sportsbook Review 2022


The most amazing feature of this Lucky99 sportsbook is that the user interface is precise and straight to the point. Even though most clients are Canadian and US citizens, it has its headquarters in Costa Rica.


This Lucky99.Eu Sportsbook Review 2022 explores everything you need to know about Lucky99 sportsbook, including registration, type of bets promotions, and even customer care. Also, you’ll get to see some of the games you can bet on.


Lucky99 Sportsbook Bonus Offer


After registration, the Lucky99 sportsbook will give you a 55% initial deposit bonus for free play on your first deposit. Other bonuses you can win from Lucky99 sportsbook are casino bonuses and rebates. Depending on the exotic bet and the track, you’ll also receive a 9% rebate. On the other hand, bonus casino varies from game to game in the casino.



Lucky99 Sportsbook Registration


The registration process is fairly simple and quick. Within a few minutes and a minimum deposit, i.e., $25 through bitcoin, you should be able to place your first wager.


Some of the information required for registration includes age, phone number, an account password, address, your names, and all the relevant details required to set up an account. After registering, you’ll find withdrawal and deposit systems such as check transfers, bitcoin, credit cards, and money transfers.



Creating Your Lucky99account


Creating an account is similar to registration. As pointed out previously, account creation is easy, and with a few clicks, you should be set. All you have to do is navigate to There, you’ll find a registration form that will require your name, home address, country of residence, email, age pin. After filling all the fields, you’ll be required to confirm you’re 18 years and above. Accept the term and conditions. Finally, click the register button at the bottom of the page. You’re having trouble creating your account, click on the Live chat help option on that same page.



A Closer Look at Lucky99 Sportsbook


Lucky99, formerly VietBet, moved their activities into the new lucky99 website in 2020. The games available on the new site are in Vietnamese, Chinese, Mandarin, and English. Notably, the websites cater mostly to US users.


Lucky99 company is licensed under the jurisdiction of Costa Rica. Lucky99 is one of the most trusted sportsbooks where you can bet on your favorite sports and play mots popular vegas style games.


Lucky99 Casino


The Lucky99 Casino offers all-in-one betting and is available for Americans, Canadians, and other users. You’ll find eight different casinos, each having game providers, bonus offers, and other benefits. The Lucky99 casino provides games such as Betsoft, RTG, Wager2go, and DGS. on the other hand; they have terms stating;



  • They don’t welcome bonus-hunters
  • Manual bonus approval which is done by the customer service
  • Management has the authority to remove bonuses they think players are taking advantage of.
  • There is no bonus on the next deposit after a payout.



Lucky99 Poker


In Lucky99, some poker games include joker poker and video poker. Noticeably, you can turn ordinary hands into royal winners with a joker poker card. Also, for joker poker sequential royals, you’ll receive immediate payouts.



Lucky99 Mobile App


Lucky 99 is available for both PCs and mobiles. To use it on your PC, simply log in or register an account on the official website or download the desktop version. As for the mobile version, you can download the Luck99.apk and then install it. Note that the app isn’t available on the play store or Appstore.



Lucky99 Banking Choices


As a Lucky99 player, you can choose to play with BTC or USD. Remember, BTC is the only cryptocurrency Lucky99 allows you to use. However, note that your BTC deposits will be converted to USD, which is done through a real-time conversion tool such as Bitpay. At Lucky99, deposit options are limited to four, i.e., credit cards, bitcoin, checks, and money transfers.



Lucky99 Lines and Pricing


Since you’re limited to four deposit options, the minimum amount you can deposit through a credit card is 50EUR and a maximum of 350EUR. As for the bitcoin deposit, $25 is the minimum. Checks are available strictly for trusted account profiles. If you decide to go the check route, you can transfer $200 to $ 400.


Note that using the Bitcoin deposit method is the best due to limited deposit methods. So, for every transaction with the bitcoin method, you’ll cash out up to$10,000 for each transaction for free. However, for bank and check transfers, you must pay transition costs, and also the transfer period is longer.



Lucky99 Sportsbook Promotions


Like other sportsbooks, Lucky99 also has special rewards and promotions for its clients. In addition, you can contact Lucky99 customer care to switch reward programs or check your eligibility for particular rewards. Some of the Lucky99 rewards are;



  • free play and lotto rewards for new players in which you can get up to $520 rewards for free play
  • Lucky 100 lottery promotion where you can earn up to 100% lotto reward balance. Also, loyal fans are eligible for a loyalty reward. Additionally, you can earn up to $500 in free play.
  • Fewer juice rewards are typically posted on the event day. Plus, it is ideal you pick from fewer juice choices on NCAA football, WNBA, MLB, Canadian football, etc.
  • On the house, rewards will be available for you after the seven consecutive deposits, which will be the 8th and 9th deposits.



Available Sports


Sports betting is common in all sportsbooks, including Lucky99. So apart from components such as casinos and poker, there are many games you can also bet on. Additionally, you can use the platform to place the bet type of your preference, e.g., live wagering. Below are some of the available sports on Lucky99;



  • Soccer
  • Tennis
  • Golf
  • American football
  • Mixed martial arts
  • Baseball
  • Hockey
  • Basketball



Types of Bets


Lucky99 sportsbook platform gives the user multiple choices to deliver an amazing experience due to its user-friendly choices. For example, the drop-down menu helps users find point spreads and odds available on various games. The wagering options available for this sportsbook are;



  • Exotic wagering: This type of bet includes teasers, parlays, and others. In addition, other available wagers are futures and propositions, which are available in abundance.
  • Reduced odds Wagering: as a player, this wager will allow you to place less than the typical -110 on sporting games such as football or basketball. Also, you can take a price on occasion.
  • Live in-game wagering: live wagering will always make you feel like you’re in the game. So, you can place your bets as a basketball or football match progresses. Other sports for live-betting include,



Contact Lucky99 Support


As an international sportsbook platform, Lucky99 has customer support as required. However, the services offered by the support time is average. At best the services are reliable.


So, if you want to get in touch with the support team, you can visit the official website, Also, you can reach them through the email;



Lucky99 Pros & Cons


For a sportsbook’s platform such as Lucky99, it is logical to expect pros and cons to weigh your options on whether or not to consider it. Below are the pros and cons.





  • Multiple banking options
  • Faster payouts
  • Customer service is available in Taiwanese, English, Vietnamese, and Chinese mandarin languages.





  • Outdated user interface
  • The mobile betting interface is very weak



Lucky99 Sportsbook Summary


Lucky99 sportsbooks may not have promotional rewards like other sportsbooks, but they are pretty reliable. With diversity in its language system, it’s quite apparent the company is doing its best to deliver services. So, it would be best if you tried it out, given its reliability.


However, Lucky99 is limited to specific countries. Notably, the bonuses for each country it is available in are also different. For example, bonuses available in the US may not be available for Vietnamese users. Preferably you can use a VPN if you’re considering using this sportsbook in a restricted location.