GG Masters Update: br0keliving Wins Latest Event; mrbradleyy Leads POY

GGPoker Masters

Another GG Masters took place on Sunday 23rd February and saw 2,032 GGPoker players fight it out for a share of $300,000. It wasn’t only money on the line because every player in the GG Masters earns leaderboard points towards the Player of the Year race where a $500,000 sponsorship package awaits the winner.

GG Masters $150, $300K Gtd at GGPoker

Date February 23rd
Buy-in $150
Guarantee $300,000
Entrants 2,032
Prize pool $300,000
ITM 341

The top 341 players won a share of the $300,000 prize pool but 343 players were paid. How? Because two took advantage of the free early bird bubble insurance. Anyone who buys in before the tournament starts is automatically insured against bursting the bubble. “SAVOOCH2020” and “TeddyBearJR” finished in 343rd and 344th respectively and won T$150 as a result. “wolverine27” finished on the stone cold bubble but must have bought in during late registration because they didn’t receive a cent.

Everyone at the nine-handed final table locked up $2,988, the sum awarded to the first casualty of the finale, “Raselhauge” of Hungary.

China’s “xiaoxingsheng” and “Korneev” of Russia were the next to fall. They banked scores of $4,191 and $5,880 respectively. Sixth-place was secured by the first of two german’s at the final table, namely 1 who scooped $8,249, the last player not to win five-figures.

Shipovitski’s fellow countryman “BeezInTheTrap” fell in fifth for $11,572 before “throumbs” ran out of steam and busted in fourth-place for a $16,234 addition to their bankroll.

Heads-up was set when “vivaegipto” fell by the wayside and finished in third, a finish worth $22,775.

“br0keliving” and “call-call-allin” locked horns heads-up for the lion’s share of the prize pool. It was the former who came out on top and walked away with $41,277, resigning the runner-up to the $35,494 consolation prize.

Place Player Country Prize
1 br0keliving Slovenia $41,277
2 call-call-allin China $35,494
3 vivaegipto Moldova $22,775
4 throumbs Cyprus $16,234
5 BeezInTheTrap Germany $11,572
6 Shipovitski Germany $8,249
7 Korneev Russia $5,880
8 xiaoxiansheng China $4,191
9 Rasalhague Hungary $2,988

Buy and sell pieces of GG Master action!

Current GG Master POY Leaderboard

Place Player County Points
1 mrbradleyy United Kingdom 1,199.71
2 MwonderchilD Malta 1,129.19
3 [email protected] Brazil 1,101.40
4 G0spRaf0 Croatia 1,098.81
5 br0keliving Slovenia 1,095.48
6 mayKKz_ Brazil 1,085.59
7 REPTAR Germany 1,034.83
8 howardern Japan 942.71
9 Felipe Ramos Brazil 626.50
10 Bullet-proof Argentina 600.68

This victory for br0keliving netted him 1,095.48 GG Master Player of the Year leaderboard points. Those points are enough to sit them down in fifth-place with 10-months of the value-packed promotion still to run.

The United Kingdom’s “mrbradleyy” is the player to catch at the top of the POY standings, although there is nothing between them and the chasing pack.

Second-placed “MwonderchilD”, who hails from Malta, is only 70.52 points behind the current leader and there are only 164.88 points separating first and seventh-place.

Points are easy to come by as everyone who reaches the money places in the $300,000 Gtd GG Masters receives them using the formula below.

f * sqrt(Prize pool / k)

  • k is the place of finish
  • f=2.0 (1st place)
  • f=1.5 (Final table)
  • f=1.0 (In the money)
  • f=0.5 (Bubble)

Reaching the final table awards 262.67 points based on 2,000 players buying in so you can see the leaderboard can and will frequently change. It’s never too late to get involved and try climbing up the standings.


  • br0keliving won the latest GG Maters and banked $41,277 plus more than 1,000 Player of the Year points.

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